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                        Provide solutions for rubber movement problems

                        Provide solutions for rubber movement problems


                        Professional rubber vulcanization machine, polishing machine and related detection equipment

                        Professional OEM

                        Long-term focus on QLB product research and development, manufacturing sales and service

                        Flexible order quantity

                        With solid technical knowledge and system analysis skills, you can quickly meet your needs

                        Payment is convenient

                        The pursuit of maximum "comfort and stability" (i.e., noise, vibration, stability) of the driver leads the new trend of technology

                        ABOUT US

                        Wuxi Quelaibao Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of auto rubber mental parts based in china since 2008,qlb products cover:suspension bushing/engine mounting/strut mount/control arm/buffer with our own “qlb” brand,you can find “qlb” in European/Asia/America countries. Wuxi as the HD, integrate the factory,Wuxi sales center and international department.

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                        PRODUCT DISPLAY

                        Product sales ratio

                        Logistics and after-sales

                        Free samples, DHL & TNT high efficiency guarantee
                        Flexible payment terms
                        Qilaibao products are guaranteed for 1 year or 50000 km
                        Reply to your inquiry within 2 hours to reduce customer complaints

                        NEWS CENTER

                        2014 Automechanika Shanghai

                        Automechanika Shanghai lived up to its status as the world’s second largest international trade fair for automotive parts, accessories, equipment and services and the best platform for tapping into the Chinese and overseas markets.

                        welcome to our online store

                        welcome to our online storehttp://wxqlb.en.gasgoo.com/

                        Celebrate Shanghai Frankfurt AAPEX Success

                        The Shanghai Frankfurt AAPEX held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from 10 to 13 Decmber.Our company attend it as exhibitor,we are very grateful for the customers visiting of our booth,we will spare no effort to do better.

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